Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Writing a Review

Writing a Review.

- Make sure to read the question carefully, what exactly are you being asked to review? E.g. a C.D., a concert, a book, etc.
- Underline exactly what you are being asked to do.
- Decide where the review is to be published and decide on your register, e.g. Is it to feature in a teenage magazine of a broadsheet newspaper?
- Take note of the amount of marks awarded for this question and plan your answer length accordingly.
- You may give a fictional account of a book, film etc, make up any if not all details if you want.
- Brainstorm and plan your answer.
- Give a brief background to what it is you are reviewing.
- If it is a film or novel, summarise the main plot without giving away the ending or any surprise twists in the story.
- Write about the strengths as well as the weaknesses of what it is you are reviewing.
- Recommend an audience who would enjoy the book, film, play, etc.
- Finish with a snappy recommendation e.g. “I give this action-packed movie of the year 10/10”.
- Use descriptive language and superlatives.
- Remember, the person(s) reading this review is doing so in order to ascertain if they will spend their money and time on something, so be honest and open and keep your audience in mind. Be helpful.
- Read over your work and correct any mistakes you may have made.
- Prepare for this question by reading reviews from different sources, e.g. magazines, newspapers, book blurbs, etc. Make a note of vocabulary used by reviewers.

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