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Exam Questions, Ord. Level, L.C.

Leaving Certificate. Ordinary Level. 2013
Always keep the marking scheme in mind when answering all questions; (Purpose, Coherence, Language, Mechanics).
Always underline exactly what you are being asked in every question.

Paper 1.

Question A, Comprehension.
- Identify skills of a character.
- How effectively does an image portray a personality?
- Is an image effective in portraying the theme of a text?
- Impression of a character.
- Words/phrases that capture an atmosphere. Convey tension/suspense/excitement.
- An image that captures an atmosphere.
- Like/not like to live in a setting described.
- Image expresses central idea of a text.
- Alternative title for a short story.
- Add another image of your choice based on theme of text.
- Visual helps support a writer’s view.
- An opinion question based on the text.
- Do you agree with the expressed view?
- Writer a good story teller?

- Clear and detailed description of an image.
- Comment on an image’s effectiveness.
- Image you found interesting, positive, negative.
- Personal response to an image.

Question B.
-         Diary/blog entries.
-         Informal letter/ formal letter. Letter of application.
-         Talk.
-         Newspaper article.
-         Report.
-         Review.
-         Advertisement.
-         Commentary on an event.
-         Interview.
-         Webpage.
-         Advertisement.

Section 2; Essay.
-         Magazine article.
-         Dialogue.
-         Personal account.
-         Short-story.
-         Talk.
-         Speech/ debate.
-         Account of something you witnessed.
-         Newspaper article.
-         Report.
-         Narrative.
-         Dialogue.
-         Informative piece.
-         Article for travel brochure.
-         Exchange of letters between two people.
-         Narrative based on image from text 3.
-         An Experience.
-         Diary entries.
-         Personal essay.
-         Descriptive; Place/person/event.
-         Discursive Essay.
-         Humorous/Serious Article.

Paper 2.
Section 1.
Single Text.
-         Relationship between characters.
-         Character description.
-         An event.
-         Gripping moment.
-         Compose a talk about the text.
-         Character you would play.
-         Ending surprise you?
-         Amusing scene.
-         Favourite scene.
-         Life lesson.
-         Dramatic memorable scene.
-         Live at time of text’s setting?
-         Diary entry from character’s point of view.
-         Pleasant or disturbing event.
-         Turn a novel into a film.
-         Amusing episode.
-         Character you would like to be.
-         Letter from character’s perspective.
-         How you would stage play.
-         Favourite character.
-         Speech on text.
-         View of life from text.
-         Important issue.
-         Conversation between characters.
-         Interview author or character.
-         Why is Shakespeare still popular today?
-         Play the character?
-         Opinion of Character
-         Make a change?
-         Talk on the text.
-         Writer’s attitude.
-         Happiest/saddest moment.
-         Good story teller?
-         “It is a story about…”
-         Lesson about life?
-         Personal response to setting.
-         Why you did/did not enjoy text.
-         Happy/sad moment.
-         Main theme, issue raised by text.
-         Interesting/exciting moment.
-         Article about the text.
-         Is the novel/play too violent? Explain.
-         Setting of text/ Does the setting have an impression on you?
-         Your opinion of a character.
-         An article for a school article based on the text.
-         Too much violence?
-         Newspaper reporter reporting on an event in the text.
-         Which character would you play?
-         Agree/disagree with a statement?
-         Diary entries from a character’s point of view.
-         The effect of news on a character.
-         “I think this play/novel would make a good movie because...”
-         “It is a story about…”
-         Is the play relevant to today? Issues/themes relevant to contemporary society?

Section 2.
-Difficult relationship.
-Significant change in a relationship.
-Complicated relationship.
-Describe a relationship.
-Successful/failed relationship.
-Relationship which had strong impression o you.

-What you learned about a theme.
-How a key moment reveals a theme.
-Did the theme make the text more interesting?
-Found the text helpful in understanding a theme.

Section 3.
     -    Explain title of poem in relation to theme of poem.
-         Poet’s attitude.
-         Words/phrases to convey images.
-         Impression of poet.
-         Last line, fav. Line/phrase.
-         Your impression/ personal response.
-         Theme of poem.
-         Enjoy poem?
-         Mood of poem.
-         Diary entry.
-         Alternative title.
-         Poem- play/song.
-         Assume persona of speaker in poem.
-         Title of poem.
-         Music to accompany reading of poem.
-         Appealing descriptions/line/phrase/image.
-         Does an illustration accompanying poem suit the poem?
-         Happy/sad poem?
-         Is it a personal poem?
-         Poet’s message.
-         Collection of poems to which a poem belongs.
-         Learn about a world by studying a poem.
-         Diary entry from a poet’s perspective.

-         Words/ phrases which appeal to you or capture the poet’s feelings.  
-         Title.
-         Descriptions which appeal to you.
-         Like/dislike poem.
-         Impression of characters in poem.
-         Impression poem made on reader.
-         Feelings.
-         Sad/funny/humorous/serious/joyful/personal poem?
-         Impression of poet.
-         How you would capture atmosphere in video,(take into account lighting, music, location, etc,)
-         Favourite stanza.
-         Poem relevant to young people?/ include in a collection for young people?
-         Language of poem.
-         Is there a relationship conveyed in the poem?
-         Can you relate to a theme in the poem?
-         Does the picture accompanying the poem correspond to theme of the poem?
-         Did you enjoy the poem?

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