Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Writing an Advertisement.

Writing an Advertisement.

Ø      Underline exactly what you are being asked to do.
Ø      Pay close attention to the marking scheme and plan your answer length accordingly.
Ø      Decide on what exactly the product is that you are describing.
Ø      Where is the advert to appear? Through which medium, e.g. television, radio, internet, etc. Is it to feature in a magazine, newspaper? Which type? Where the advertisement is to appear will help you to decide who your target audience is.
Ø      Brainstorm and plan your answer.
Ø      Create a company name, slogan and if necessary a logo.
Ø      Use buzz words to highlight the positives of your product.
Ø      Compare your product in a favourable light to other similar products if applicable.
Ø      Use descriptive language that appeals to the customers five senses.
Ø      Repeat the main message of your advertisement for emphasis.
Ø      Quote prices and where the product can be bought where applicable.
Ø      Suggest to the consumer that their lives, lifestyles, confidence and personal images will be much improved if they buy the product.
Ø      Quote famous people or use celebrity endorsements.
Ø      If you are describing a print advert, refer to what visual, text, caption, and typography you will use.
Ø      If you are describing a television advertisement explain and music, voice-overs or special effects you will employ.
Ø      If it is a radio advertisement, will there be sound effects, voice-overs, music?
Ø      Read over your work when finished and correct any mistakes you may have made.

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