Thursday, 31 January 2013

Interview Question and Answers.

Interview Questions.

-This question can appear as a Question B or in Section 2.
-On average write 2 pages (4 questions and 4 answers) for Question B and 4 pages (8 questions and 8 answers) for Section 2.
-Read the question carefully, does it specify who you are to interview? Or who you are as an interviewer? Or where the interview is to appear? (i.e. a popular magazine, newspaper, etc.)
-Brainstorm your questions and then brainstorm each of your answers based on your questions.
-Plan each question and each answer before you begin answering the question.
-Always keep the marking scheme in mind; Purpose, Coherence, Language and Mechanics.
-Write a brief introduction to your interview, i.e. introducing your interviewee, how she/he looks, where the interview is set, the interviewees demeanor i.e. is he/she happy, sad and friendly, etc. Include a little bit as to why the interview is taking place.
-Keep your questions short, concise and to the point. Include a ? at the end of each question.
-Show empathy with the interviewee, i.e. “jump into their shoes”, when answering the questions. Imagine the answers from their point of view.
-Make sure your questions are in order, start off with the more biographical questions first, i.e. “What was it like growing up in America in the 1970s?” and then move on to more specific questions.
-Keep your questions relevant to the exam question.
-Give detailed answers related to the question topic.
-Always read over your work to correct any mistakes you may have made.

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