Monday, 7 January 2013

Magazine/Newspaper Article Writing.

Magazine and Newspaper Article Writing: Top Tips.

Always underline exactly what you are being asked in every question.

-         Read the question carefully, who is your target audience and where is your article to “Appear?”
-         If it is a Question B write 2 pages, if it a Section 2 essay, write 4.
-         Decide on the genre of language you are mainly writing in, e.g. informative, argument, narration, and persuasion. Always use the aesthetic use of language to make your article interesting.
-         Brainstorm and plan before beginning.
-         Outline the main point of your article in your introduction.
-         Always give your article a headline, and then a sub-heading which is a brief description of your article. Sign your name under your sub-heading, e.g. Pat Byrne, Current Affairs Correspondent.
-         You may give your paragraphs sub-headings also, i.e. what they are about.
-         Decide on the tone of your article, humour, serious, light-hearted? Maintain this register throughout your article.
-         Are you arguing a point of view? Can you look at all sides of the topic? Always outline your position in your introduction. Also, try and open with a memorable fact, statistic, or quote.
-         One point per paragraph.
-         Use anecdotes, statistics, facts (you can make these up) and questions. Engage your audience and get them thinking.
-         If you are writing a persuasive article use hyperbole, imperatives and superlatives to enhance your argument.
-         Make sure you refer back to the question to make sure you have not moved off the point. Refer to the main premise of the article in each paragraph.
-         Remember the marking scheme, purpose, coherence, language and mechanics.
-         Plan a strong conclusion, with your best point for last.
-         Read over your article at the end to correct any mistakes.

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