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Comprehension Guidelines. L.C.

Comprehension Questions.

- This section is testing your ability to read a text and answer questions on it, to understand the text.
- Remember the marking scheme, Purpose, Coherence, Language and Mechanics.
- First of all decide what genre of language it is written in, e.g. the language of persuasion, argument, narration, information or the aesthetic use of language. . Most likely the text will feature a combination of 4/5 genres.
- Read the comprehension, read the questions and underline exactly what you are being asked.
- Always check how many marks are awarded for each answer.
- Re-read the text and mark anything you deem relevant for your answers.
- Write out a brief plan for each answer, one point per paragraph.
- Rephrase the question in each answer. Have one supporting point per paragraph with evidence from the text to back up your point.
- You may be asked why this text falls into a particular language category, e.g. “What features of this text make it an example of an argumentative text?” Know what qualifies a text as falling into a particular genre. E.g. for the language of argument there are imperatives, quotes, facts and statistics.
- For a question based on the style of the writer, e.g. “What aspects of the writer’s style appealed to you?” You may be able to use the following examples:
-The writer’s use of images (metaphors, similes)
-Does the writer use personification?
-Is the extract humorous, interesting, informative, honest, factual, logical, and coherent?
-Does the writer use anecdotes? Is the text personal? Does the author ask you questions or get you think about a certain issue?
-Is there an atmosphere created?
-Is there an interesting character, gripping opening?
-Do you get a strong sense of place form the text?
-Is the text exciting, thrilling?
-Does the author appeal to your sense of sound? (Onomatopoeia, alliteration, assonance)
-Does the extract appeal to your sense of taste, touch, smell?
-Would you like to read more of the extract? Know more about the subject?
-Is the text very persuasive/argumentative? Does it contain imperatives? Superlatives? Does it rely on facts (Logic) to convince you or does it appeal more to your emotions.
-As always read over your answers and watch your timing. As a general rule your answers should cover 4 pages of your answer book.

Refer to the text, (quote directly from the text) for all the points you make.

Skip a line between each point you make.

Plan what you are going to say in each answer, (jot down a few points you are going to make) and leave your strongest point until your last.

For a 15 mark answer make 3/4 points and for a 20 mark answer make 4/5 supporting points.

Continuously refer back to the question with each point you make.

Even if the question seems like you shouldn’t refer to the text always do in every point you make.

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