Thursday, 11 April 2013

Personal Writing.

                                  Personal Writing. Section 2.

-         Read the title carefully; make sure you understand the topic you are writing about.
-         Only choose a topic you have an interest in and know about it in extensive detail. You must have strong opinions on the matter. Make sure to write from an informed perspective.
-         Keep the marking scheme in mind.
-         Brainstorm and plan your answer.
-         Keep the topic in mind throughout your essay, glancing back to the title frequently. Refer to the essay’s topic in each paragraph.
-         Decide on the tone of your essay, is it serious or light-hearted? Maintain that register throughout your composition. If the title asks you to deal with an obviously serious topic, do not use a light-hearted or facetious approach.
-         Have an interesting introduction. Express your opinion on the matter straight away. Use a fact, quote, anecdote, statistic, etc to grab the reader’s attention.
-         One point per paragraph.
-         Rank your ideas in order of importance with the strongest point for last.
-         Make a lasting impression. Reiterate the main point of your essay in the conclusion and finish with a snappy quote, fact, etc.
-         Use personal anecdotes, use dialogue and set the scene. Use descriptive words to retell an experience. This will help to involve the reader and draw them into the essay.
-         Give your personal response to the events you describe.
-         Be reflective. Comment on events, situations, opinions, facts, etc and how you feel about them.
-         This essay should give the reader an insight into your thoughts, feelings, opinions, hopes, fears, likes, dislikes, etc.
-         It is always told in the first person.
-         You may ask the reader to agree or disagree with you. If you are arguing a point or being persuasive don’t forget to use; imperatives, superlatives, facts, quotes, statistics, rhetorical questions, anecdotes, examples, hyperbole, etc.
-         It can deal with private, personal issues or issues that impact humanity on a global scale.
-         Read over your work when finished.

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