Friday, 22 March 2013

The General Vision and Viewpoint.

The General Vision and Viewpoint.
The vision or viewpoint of any text might be described as:
-         Optimistic, pessimistic or realistic.
-         Sympathetic, compassionate, cynical
-         Unresolved, contradictory.
-         Reflecting the era in which it is set.
-         Moral, political.
-         Religious.
-         Aesthetic, appreciating beauty, emotion, language.

This vision or viewpoint may be portrayed through:
-Characters (they may give their views of their society or the problems they are facing.)
-Relationships, is a character nurtured or thwarted?
-Dialogue, dialects. (Conversations between characters).
-Imagery, language.
-What does the ending tell us of the viewpoint of the text?
 Key moments illustrate an outlook on life.
-In a film lighting, sound, music, colour, and costumes can show a world of beauty or oppression reflecting the view in the text.

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