Tuesday, 12 March 2013

J.C. Drama (Seen and Unseen)

J.C. Drama.


-You have a choice here of two texts, one will be Shakespearean. Read both texts and the questions that accompany them and answer the one you understand best.
- Read the instructions carefully, you may have to answer two questions. Check the marks awarded for each answer.
- Quote from the passage to back up all the points you make.
- Skip a line between each point that you make.
- Read the question carefully and underline exactly what you are being asked.
- Use your drama vocabulary e.g. props, lightening, costumes, facial expressions, gestures, etc. make sure you can describe how you would stage a scene if you were director.
- Know how to bring a scene to life through the setting of the scene e.g. background, sounds, music, etc.
- Know how to write dialogue as you may be asked to continue the scene.
- (Approx. 2 Pages)

-         You have a choice of two questions here; answer the one you can write the most on.
-          Your question may be divided into 2 parts, pay attention to the marks awarded for each part.
-         Quote from the play and refer to particular scenes to back up your answer.
-         Use your drama vocabulary, dialogue, tension, climax, stage directions, props, protagonist (character).
-         Don’t just summarise the play.
-         Always read over your answer when finished and correct any mistakes you may have made.
-         (Approx. 2pgs)

Always underline exactly what you are being asked in every question.

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