Thursday, 2 May 2013

Revision tips for Higher and Ord. Level L.C. English

Revision Tips of Higher and Ordinary Level Leaving Certificate English.

-         Make out a study plan so that all areas of your two papers will be revised.
-         Revise all sections of the exam papers in any order that you wish: Paper1: Section 1: A. Comprehension.
                                Section 1: B. Functional writing.
                                Section 2: Essay Writing.

                   Paper 2: Section 1: Single text
                                 Section 2: Comparative Section
                                 Section 3: Poetry: Unseen and Studied.

-Organize all the notes that I have given you so that all the sections are together.
-Read over all notes and make your own notes.
-Familiarize yourself with the marking scheme.
-Ensure you know the plots of your texts in detail.
-Learn quotes from all your texts and poems, (Ord. level do not need to learn off poetry quotes)
-Practice exam questions (You may hand up any completed work and I will correct it for you).
-Revise all the work in your A4s, and note if there is any area in the marking scheme you continue to go down on i.e. “Purpose”.

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