Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Revision Tips for J.C. Eng.

Revising for Junior Certificate English, Higher and Ordinary Level. Top Tips.

My advice when studying for your English exam is to make a list of all the areas you need to revise. For example:
  1. Comprehension.
  2. Essay writing.
  3. Functional writing.
  4. Media Studies.
  5. Unseen Drama.
  6. Your Play.
  7. Unseen fiction.
  8. Your novel(s)
  9. Unseen poetry
  10. Studied poetry.

-Order your folder so that you have all the notes for each section together.
-Read over all your notes and make your own notes.
-Read over your A4s as you have some valuable work and notes in them.
-Revise the plot and main areas of all your texts, for example your novel(s) and play.
-Learn quotes from your texts which will help to back up your answers in the exam.
-Revise all your poems; learn quotes from all of them.
-Practice exam questions in all areas, you may of course hand them upon to me and I will correct them.

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